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SNAIL is a gallery started by Logan Cryer. It is hosted on Instagram and the handle is 

Periodically, new shows will be uploaded to the account. Each show will be centered around a theme. Artists will participate in an artist talk that will be hosted privately and then shared on social media. Each conversation will be on the relevance of said theme, in our lives and in art. 

When a show is completed, the content will be deleted off of Instagram. The video of the discussion, information about the participants, and a curatorial statement will be available on this site. Pull quotes from the artist talk will be shared to @s.n.a.i.l.galleryquotes.
If you are interested in showing work, or have any questions, please send an email to me; subject: SNAIL inquiry 

If you would like to support SNAIL and would like to enjoy more content on art and artistic creation, please consider joining the SNAIL Presents Patreon. 
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